Air Conditioning Maintenance

Do you know that over 80% of mechanical failures are eliminated by regular maintenance?

In order to ensure the highest possible quality in heating and air conditioning within our service area, Triumph A/C offers convenient maintenance agreements to all of our commercial and residential clients. Maintenance agreements include performing routine maintenance aimed at preventing potentially costly repairs at a later date. When your unit is properly maintained by our HVAC team at regular intervals throughout the year, your system runs more efficiently and the quality of air you breathe is significantly higher.

In addition to improving air quality and increasing the effectiveness of your air conditioning and heating system, maintenance agreements help keep your utility bills from skyrocketing over time. A poorly maintained system is guaranteed to require expensive repairs, and possibly replacement, long before a system that is cared for properly.

When you choose our best option, you will receive parts replacements so that your system continues to function at maximum for as long as possible. This can avoid the need to replace CA in older systems. For newer systems, our good choice is a smart choice, which allows us to closely inspect your unit and look for problems before they can become a bigger problem.

Some of the important services included in Senica’s routine maintenance include checks of the following system components:

An outdated or damaged thermostat often reads temperature improperly, resulting in rapidly changing internal temperatures, occupant discomfort and potential damage to key parts of the unit, such as the compressor and fans.

When an air conditioning unit’s air filter becomes clogged with dust, lint, hair and other debris, occupants typically first notice problems with allergies and a decreased quality of air. The diminished suction caused by clogged filters can adversely affect internal equipment and potentially cause long-term damage to the unit. Filters should be cleaned or replaced once per month and inspected by a licensed Triumph A/C HVAC professional regularly as stipulated by the manufacturer’s instructions

A consistently neglected buildup of algae and other debris in the drain pan’s line can eventually result in overflow of copious amounts of water in a single day. The flooding that follows can not only damage nearby walls, ceilings and flooring, but may also result in a dangerous electric situation if the structure’s wiring is affected by the moisture. Routine checks by one of your local Triumph A/C HVAC technicians can help to prevent this type of disaster in your home or business.

Wiring problems in air conditioning systems range from simple disconnects to major short circuiting, all of which result in adverse situations regarding the quality and temperature of indoor air. If occupants observe a sudden change in the effectiveness of the heating or cooling unit, a wiring problem may be to blame. Consistent overheating can cause connections to become loose over time and, if left unserviced, may necessitate costly replacement of specific parts or an entire unit.

These important considerations are only a few of the factors that comprise Triumph A/C comprehensive maintenance checks. If you have noticed that your heating or air conditioning system does not seem to be functioning at its optimal potential, it is possible that a problem has already occurred. Repair of the issue and regular maintenance thereafter should improve your level of comfort as well as add years to the life of your equipment.

If you are looking for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company you know you can trust, turn to the experts at Triumph A/C in Florida. Our committed team of HVAC professionals is proud to serve residents and commercial business owners throughout Florida . Call or click now to find out how our affordable, reliable maintenance programs can help improve the function of your heating or cooling system today while saving you a significant amount on your utility bills every month throughout the year.